Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well the little lady made her arrival in an impressive time period, just like her big sister! I started feeling some major pain shortly after my previous post and entered the tub. Shortly after that, I felt  A LOT of pressure, was checked and was dialated to a five and fully effaced. I began thinking there was no way I was going to make it another two hours (that is what it took for Nora to get from a 5 to a 10) and then I realized that my nurses were setting up my room for a delivery. It was then that I realized I probably had little time left and that I could once again do this drug free. Before I knew it I was asking to be checked again because I felt like I needed to push. I got my nurse, she came in and checked me and told me me "oh yeah, you are a ten, fully effaced and your baby is right there". I thought, "I know lady" and began to think I would not be able to hold it muhc longer. Thankfully my doctor was QUICK gettting here and I started pushing right away. Pushing lasted all of 7 minutes and at 12:47pm our new little lady entered the world. Little lady remains nameless, however, she weighed in at 9 lbs. 1 oz and was 19 and 3/4 inches long. These stats put her at nearly a WHOPPING TWO POUNDS heavier than her "big" sister was at birth. Needless to say, I was SHOCKED when they told me her weight. Although I am quite proud of the fact that I was able to endure an induced labor drug free and birth a NINE pound baby, I am pretty certain that if there is a next time, I will NOT be doing it again!! Afterall the next little bitty might just weigh 11 pounds!!


9:50am:  Well I am sitting here in my hospital bed, hooked up to the monitor, blood pressure cuff and pitocin. My water was broken around 8 am, we waited for an hour and no contractions started. Pitocin is going now, and apparently I am having contractions. So far they are painless for me, so that is good. It seems so odd to be just sitting here, hanging out, with time to kill. Totally different experience than the one I had with Nora.. I guess we will see which way is better =0) Well its time for an increase in the drug, so Im heading out. Stay tuned....

Todays the day!!

Today is the day. It is 5:45 am and in an hour I am due to check into the hospital to start the induction process. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. My house is not perfect, nor did everything get done that I had hoped for, but it is as good as it is going to get, and I am OK with that. Thankfully (I think) we have finally agreed upon a name and since we have held everybody in suspense this long, well I guess we are just gonna hold out a little longer. I will say that my number one choice, sadly, has been thrown in the wash. So has Ryan's. I guess its all about compromising, huh? I will try to keep updated on all the happenings as well as possible, but for now, the plan is that I will have to remain in the hospital for 48 hours following little lady number 2's arrival. Wish me luck and please, if you can send good vibes, prayers, etc. my way for a speedy, safe, delivery.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Baby Miller is making her debut....

Yep, thats what I said. Baby Miller (number 2) is making her debut. Not on October 9th (her due date) or October 4th which was supposibly the earliest they could induce but THIS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th.  We are shocked and nervous all at the same time. After much contemplation I made the decision to be induced. I think (and hope and pray and cross my fingers) this was the right decision, however, I am scared at the thought of going this route. I think with natural labor, its one of those things that it is happening, rather  you are ready or not, and there is no stopping it. The anticipation of KNOWING I am having a baby on Thursday is wierd, though I have to admit it has been somewhat convenient to wrap up things at work, plan where Nora will go, get the house as ready as you can with three days notice, etc. etc. On another note, we are down to 36 hours until I have to be at the hospital to begin the process and we STILL have NO NAME. No name, people. What the heck?!?! I had Nora's name picked out and waiting before we even concieved her, and now we can't come up with and agree on another this close to this baby being due?!?! Ugh. Frustration at its finest. I guess you as well as us will have a surprise once the little lady is born... or at least before we leave the hospital. This calling her "no name Miller" is getting kinda old!! Stay tuned. We will be sure to keep you updated. As for now, I am looking forward to my last day at work for the next THREE months. Even though it is going to be JAMMED packed!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Doctors, Doctors, Doctors...

Yesterday Nora and I had a fun-filled morning spent at the doctors. She at the pediatrician and I at the OB/GYN. Both were in eventful in that she had to get shots (BOO) and I had to be checked for progress on having this baby.
At Nora's appointment we finally found out how big she really is. I knew she was a bit on the shrimpy side, but we received confirmation yesterday. At 26 months here are her stats:
-Height: 34 1/4 inches (52%)
-Weight: 23 lbs 10 oz  (10 %)
- Head: 49 cm (89%) Daddy says she has such a big noggin to hold that smart brain of hers, I say she is just trying to fulfil her Miller genes in some way!! These stats also confimed my problem with finding clothes that fit her. THANK GOODNESS for Carter's leggings or we would really be hurting this Fall!

On another note, my appointment was filled with decisions to contemplate. The problem lies in the fact that I have yet again tested positive for Strep B. Strep B is a NASTY illness that some adults just have but does not cause them any problems. However it can be passed on to the newborn baby during labor and cause serious complications such as Menigitis, pnemonia, hearing loss, and mental retardation. To prevent this antibiotics are given throughout labor 2 hours a part. If the mother is given three rounds of antibiotics the chances of the baby contracting this illness is very slim. Problem is that I had Nora start to finish in less than 3 hours, so although we were very fortunate she was a happy healthy baby, we only got one round of antibiotic.  Because of this, my doctor is concerned that the same thing will happen this time and has given me some pretty scary statistics to support her reasoning for wanting to induce. Naturally I am a bit opposed to this idea (remember Nora was a less than 3 hour, drug free, minimal pain, nearly water birthed, no tearing labor) and somewhat scared of the idea. I left the office yesterday telling her that I thought I would just go the au natural route, however, after talking to several people, I am beginning to feel as though guilt might just eat me alive if for some reason I chose no induction and my baby had special needs. Scary thing is that if I choose to induce this baby could be here as soon as OCTOBER 4th. THAT IS 10 DAYS AWAY PEOPLE!!! What to do, what to do?!?! This is the question that is taking away my sleep! Oh and my messy house, pile of work to be completed, and list of things to finish for the baby BEFORE these 10 days are up!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Few Accomplishments

Nora's ability to learn new things is amazing me. In the past month or so she has learned how to recognize nearly every single one of her lettters, sing her entire alphabet, count to fifteen (in English) and learn a few of her colors. Tonight when we were reading books prior to bedtime, Nora told me she was going to count the dogs on the page. I told her okay at which point she started saying "uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco". I was amazed! However, at the same time the thought that we may be watching a little too much Dora crossed my mind! I can't get over this little lady. She constantly wants to learn and LOVES to show off her accomplishments. I hope this desire continues for many years to come.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Non-Fiction Book

Okay, here is where I have to admit I am a dork. I absolutely LOVE to read non-fiction. I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything related to psychology and am known to read text books just to gain the knowledge from them. Although I cannot think of one book that I like the best, or is my favorite, pretty much if it is non-fiction, true life, etc. I will enjoy it. Dorky, I know, but I am okay with that!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Favorite Fiction Book

I must say I am quite the fan of children's books. When I was younger (and had time) I LOVED to read. Since becoming a Mamma I have really enjoyed getting to read all of my favorites over again. I would say my all time favorite author is Dr. Suess. I honestly cannot think of a book of his that I do not like, but one of my all time favorites is by far, Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? I have read it to Nora so many times that she can literally "read" it to me word for word. If you haven't read it, you should. It is GREAT =0)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A photo that makes you sad/mad:

This is a picture of our first home. We moved out of this house nearly a year ago and not a day passes by that I dont miss living there. I honestly had no idea how much I loved Lawrence until we moved. I thought picking up and starting over would be easy, but its not. I miss my friends, my old office and having my sister down the street. Most of all I miss having a place that I felt like was my home. Someday, maybe I will feel that way again. Until then, I will always cherish the times we had in our "little blue house".

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Whatever Tickles Your Fancy:

I know I should not be excited by a material thing, but I have always wanted a "nice" car. All through college I dreamed of having a BMW 3 Series. I remember my mom telling me that I might have wishful thinking considering my major. Well Mom, I think I might have proved you wrong because here is what has been tickling my fancy lately:
Yep, thats right, I am a PROUD new owner of a Mercedes ML 350. Bye bye Mini Van!!!

A photo that makes you happy!

This is a picture shortly after Nora was born. It is SOOOO hard to believe that she has grown so big or that in a little over a month we will be back at the hospital holding ANOTHER little lady! Are we really this old?

She did it!!!

Nora can now pedal her tricycle. She is soooo proud of herself and considering she was diagnosed with low muscle tone in her legs, we are too! There will definitely be pictures to come. Stay tuned!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blog Challenge: Favorite Quote

Okay, okay now I am excited. I am quite the quote girl and have a few (okay maybe a hundred or so) that I LOVE. There are however, three that I constantly remind myself of and apply to my daily life. Each one of these came about at different points in my life, but I can remember exactly when they did and why they meant so much to me.
They are:
-I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (technically a bible verse but hey all the same) :
This particular verse struck home when I was in college. I was having a really rough time medically (my thyroid had been removed but was not regulated) and also socially. Because of my medical issues I had missed a year of school, just returned to KU after missing that year and was living in dorm as a 20 year old with primarily all freshman. Although I loved my roommate the rest of the girls on my floor  (for the most part) were AWFUL. It was one of those moments when I felt I was in this world all alone with nobody to call my friend. I struggled with this for quite some time until one day for some unknown reason  I was sitting in English class and it clicked.  For no apparent reason, I realized that I could do this. I could get decent grades, finish college and be successful! I took this verse with me everywhere I went. Each day I woke up I recited it to myself. Anytime I got frustrated it was this verse that I turned to. Basically it reminded me that I was indeed NOT in this world alone and that no matter how big or small the problem it is not up to me alone to solve it. He is there to help, if we just take the time to breathe and realize this.

-"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment" -Ralph Waldo Emerson
Ironically enough this verse also came to me while I was sitting in English class. At the highschool I graduated from each Senior was allowed to pick out a quote to put in the index of the yearbook along with all of their activiites. I was searching through some papers when I stumbled across this one. As a person who has never been too concerned about impressing others, I really liked this quote. To this day, this quote is on every single email I send out from work. Throughout the years this quote has reminded me to not let others actions take a negative effect on me. It also reminds me to not give up, to stand strong and to believe in what I think is right.

-" Let me try a little harder to be all that I can be"
I came across this quote on a very cute little picture in a home decorating store in my home town. I saw it and just had to have it. I purchased it knowing that it would be making a direct trip to my desk at work and that is where it has remained since. Everyday I am there, I look at this and am reminded to never give up, never settle for "status quo" and to fight until there is no fight left.  It constantly reminds me that although it is easy to settle into the daily grind, there is more to my work than just the papers that overwhelm me. Behind each sheet of paper that crosses my desk is a human who is dependent on me to care for them.

Last but not least;

-Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated.
If I could remember when this was instilled in me I would love it, however, I have no idea. I remember my mom telling me this throughout my life and thinking hey that is a pretty clever idea. There were/are times in my life where I think to myself, everybody knows this saying so WHY do people choose to treat others so poorly? Anytime I get into a situation where hatred tries to take over, I remind myself of this saying and try my best to "kill them with kindness".

Blog Challenge: Favorite Book

What? A book? Have a favorite one? HA! HA! Unfortunately I cannot tell you the last time that I actually had time to read a book for fun. Since Nora was born I think the only thing that I have read are parenting books, pregnancy books, discipline books,  books for work, etc. etc. . Sad, I know but the truth. I have had my eye on "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" book lately and also would really like to read the Barbara Bush Biography hoping that maybe someday I will have time. Until then I guess I will stick to my parenting books and using what free time I have catching up on documenting my children's lives through photo albums. Afterall, once they are grown, if I spent my time reading books there would be nothing to show for all the fun times we have had!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Weekend to Myself

For the first time in Nora's life I am enjoying a weekend to myself. When I made the plans, I felt SOOO bad that all I wanted was somebody to sweep all of my responsibilities out from under me and just leave me be to lay on the couch. I NEVER thought that this would actually happen, but it did and I have been REALLY enjoying it.
Yesterday, Ryan flew to Tennesee to pick up our new car. Prior to the complications I am having with my pregnancy occuring our family's plans were to go to the Lake of the Ozarks for the weekend. However, when death warmed me over on Thursday, I decided there was NOOOO way I was going, and instead asked Ryan's parents if there was anyway they would take the little lady with them to the lake, and then Ryan could meet them there. Ryan was concerned about leaving me behind, but honestly I knew that in order for me to relax, my house would HAVE to be empty. I promised him my dear friend Kari would come and be my sidekick and so off he went. Little did I know that making these plans would end up being one of the best things I have done for myself in  A LONG TIME.
So, what I have I done you may ask?!?!
-I took a nap, went to my friends house for dinner and went to a scrapbooking crop where I nearly completed an ENTIRE album!!!
-Today my same friend (yep shes a great gal) is coming over here and we are going to have yet another crafty day. We have grand plans of making tutus (including the little lady's halloween costume), headbands and finishing up our work from last night. I miss my little lady like crazy, but I know that an opportunity to have an empty house and and entire weekend to spend with a friend comes few and far between so I am going to savor EVERY minute and enjoy it while I can!! Afterall before long I will have TWO little ladies roaming this Mama's nest =0)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Pregnancy Update

Yesterday was ROUGH. I woke up not feeling well and bleeding. We ended up at the hospital for observation and during that time I was having pretty frequent contractions BUT they would not stick around for more than 20 minutes before dissapearing and not coming back for at least 1/2 hour. After spending 3 hours there they finally let me come home. I thought I was fine, so I went to work. I ended up being completely unproductive and as the day went on I felt worse by the minute. The contractions ended up being pretty much non-stop all evening to the point that I thought I might just be in labor, but figured I would wait awhile and see what happenned. I went to bed thinking that if I could sleep they were not the real deal and as it turns out I slept like a log and woke up this morning feeling like a new person. I am SOOO thankful to feel better. I have not felt like I felt yesterday in a LONG time! All day yesterday all I could think is that there is NOOOO way I can keep going for the next month feeling like this!  Thankfully if things stay how they are today, I will not have to!

Favorite TV Show

Anybody that knows me well knows that TV is NOT my thing. I am perfectly content not watching it at all and would much rather just listen to the radio. Don't get me wrong, it is usually on, but more because I cannot stand silence than because I am actually watching it. Sadly enough, if it is on and it is just Nora and I home, more than likely PBS or Nick Jr. is on. I guess if I had to pick something that I watch on a regular basis the only thing I could say is the news, however, since moving to Overland Park, I am not quite as fond of it because it is not quite so local... so, long story short... not much tv watching happens for this girl. I would much rather spend my time on the computer =0)

You've Got Mail

Yesterday was day two of the blog challenge and honestly I looked at the question but felt absolutely HORRIBLE so the thought of posting a journal post just wasnt in me. Anyway, I am feeling better today so its time to catch up. The question of the day was "What is your favorite movie:? I didnt even have to think about that one: It is most definetely You've Got Mail 
I can remember watching this movie my Senior Year (I think) of highschool and LOVING every minute of it. The internet concept was all so new to me and I absolutely LOVED, LOVED, LOVED The Little Shop Around the Corner. This is a movie that no matter how many times I watch it, I want to watch it again. What is your favorite movie?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lee Brice- Love Like Crazy (w/ Lyrics)

A childhood friend of mine posted on her blog a blog challenge for each day in September. I thought it would be fun to join along. Today's question is: What is your favorite song? Besides Jesus Loves Me sung by none other than my little lady, these days, I am quite fond of this one. What is your favorite song and why?