Thursday, March 22, 2012

You thought we were gone, huh?

Sorry for the brief hiatus. We kinda flew the coop. Not really, but life has taken a new turn and things have been crazy around here. A little over a month ago, my Mama was diagnosed with cancer. Not just cancer, but the kind that you can't just go in, get the tumor out and move on with life. Instead, she has a type of blood cancer called multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma is a nasty cancer, that essentially has no cure. What it gives my mom is extreme fatique due to enemia, brittle bones, and months and months of chemotherapy followed by a bone marrow transplant in hopes of putting her into remission for as long as possible.
What it gives us is a weekly visit from my Mama. Some weeks she just stops by and says hi, and others she stays for a few days. I hate knowing that cancer is the reason my girls get to see their Grandma more often, but I LOVE the fact that they get to spend so much more time with her!
So, besides dealing with a sick Grandma (Mom) what have we been up to?
-The girls have been growing like weeds.
-We have been having fun spending days with our "baby" Payton
-We have enjoyed beautiful spring days outside, and found fun stuff to do on the rainy days.
-We played in the ONE snow that we had this winter.
-Nora kept going to swimming and started back going to gymnastics
-We spent time with Aunt Molly (who moved back from California)
-Went to storytimes and playgroups
and we DID not do a good job of taking pictures =0(
We will get better with that. I promise...
and I promise we will not take a very.long.break from the bloggy blog again.... afterall, life is just to precious to not live every.single.moment!