Thursday, December 5, 2013

Number 3

Number 3. It seems so surreal. Really, I am going to be a Mamma to three? How can this be? I think of people having this many kids as being old, but the reality of it is, that I truly am old enough to have three children... and if not sooner, on December 12th I will. Suddenly I will become a Mamma to three girls. Kind of a dejavu of sorts considering I too, am one of three girls. I am beyond excited to see what these girls lives have in store. Having them be no more than 5 years apart from one another I look forward to the hope of them having a close bond. I cannot wait to see how Number 3 will fit into the mix. Nora and Reese share such a great love for one another I can only hope they extend this love to their baby sister. To see the two of them together melts my heart. They truly are loving and it is a RARE occasion when they disagree. For this I am extremely thankful. I wonder if number three will be like Nora, like Reese or a totally different little girl. I wonder what she is going to look like. I wonder if maybe, just maybe she will get my dark hair, or will she have the same traits as her sisters? Will she, too be her Daddy's little mini-me? Or mine? Or a great combination of the two of us? I don't know. Will we be able to decide on a name out of the list we have made, or like Reese, will we totally change our minds when we see her and name her something completely different? I don't know.... I guess only time will answer all these questions... until then I wait... patiently, but oh so impatiently at the same time.