Friday, October 30, 2009



Lately I have been struggling with how things are going in my life. Don't get me wrong, I love it. Sometimes it is just a struggle. I think most of it correlates to moving and starting all over again, so considering this, I guess things are pretty darn good. As with every transition in my life, this move has brought me to consider my life the way it is now and evaluate the things that I feel need some refinement. To actually take the time to think about myself, the things that make me me, and to be honest. On a friends blog of mine she listed ten honest things about herself. Since I am one to hold a lot of things in and not let my real feelings out, I thought it wouldnt hurt for me to do the same. So here goes it:

1) I hate the fact that I am still fat. Yep thats what I said... FAT. I also hate the fact that although I should have control over it, and know how to have control over it. I DON"T. Me and my dear friends food and stress have too much of a connection right now.

2) I long for the day when I can be a stay at home mom, but then there are days like today where I worked from home with Nora in tote and I COULD NOT WAIT FOR NAPTIME! I try my best to not be resentful towards those who have this priviledge but honestly, sometimes its REALLY REALLY hard!

3) I have a real problem with control. I want to always have a plan, be the one making the plan, and be the one participating in leading the plan. I also want EVERYTHING done NOW. This causes quite the problems sometimes because I wear myself out AND not all those whom surround me have this same characteristic. Maybe someday I will learn to breathe =0)

4) I am having a hard time adjusting to this move. I miss my friends. I miss knowing that at any given time I could more than likely pick up the phone and have a friend to go with Little Miss N and I on a walk, to the park, etc. etc. These days we still do these things, we are just alone =0(

5) I really do love my job. I love the fact that after working with "younger" folks for five years I finally made my way back to the "old" men that I like. These men have given me a new outlook on my job. Sometimes I wish there were just more of a challenge than there is... an opportunity to excel or move up. Maybe then I would be a little more motivated to do more than just the status quo.

6) I LOVE LOVE LOVE my little girl. Even when she won't wear a hat on a freezing cold day, takes her shoes off EVERY.SINGLE.TIME we get in the car, throws her food, scales the outside of the staircase, won't nap, etc. I also am scared to have another little one for fear of taking what time I do have for her away from her. Hopefully someday this fear will subside considering we have room for at least two more =0)

7) After losing sleep, crying and being adament (sp?) that nobody that was not a family member would watch Nora on a regular basis, I have adjusted to the fact that we not only have a nanny but I love her and everything she does for Nora. Sometimes I think she does a better job than me and I know that the reason our house stays looking so nice is because of her!

8) I often struggle with how my childhood went. It was not bad compared to others, but it was not the best. I try now to avoid the chaos as much as I can and as a result suffer from a great amount of guilt. If I could change just one thing in my life, this would be it. Alcoholism truly does destroy families!

9) I have a REALLY hard time being affectionate towards others. This includes telling people I love them and/or appreciate them. Even those very close to me. I have not yet figured out the reason why yet, but maybe someday I will. Until then know that I truly do appreciate and love you... maybe someday I will be able to tell you this more frequently.

10) Last but not least... I have to jet... the little princess is awake, we have a party to go to and a costume to get on... Hopefully Daddy gets home soon so we wont be too late!! Imagine that, us late?!!? No way... which brings me to one last quick one... I honestly was NEVER late to things until I met Ryan AND started my job as a case manager. Both situations forced me to accept getting to places when I got there... not five minutes early without fail!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun with the cousins

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Word on the street...

I was reading an old friend of mine's blog today as I typically do everyday and came across what I thought was a great idea. On her blog, she has decided to document the things her kiddo is saying as well as photos of her. Considering Little Miss N is CRACKING ME UP these days with the things she does/says I think I am going to steal her idea and join the fun. So here goes some of the daily ones we hear around here:

"shoe shoe" I guess this is N0ra's way of saying two shoes. Nora has a small obsession with her shoes that began with her pink chuck taylors. Although these are still by far her favorite shoes, I managed to buy her some See Kai Run mary jane styled saddle oxfords and she fell in love with them as well... every morning when it is time to get dressed I tell Nora lets go get dressed, open my bedroom door and she runs into her closet while yelling "shoe shoe". Once arriving she immediately grabs her pink converse and starts giggling with glee... I guess in her little mind if a girl has shoes to wear who needs clothes!
Another shoe related funny is that Nora LOVES to take her shoes off in the car. We no sooner get out of the driveway and they are off. All the while the stinker is back there saying in her ornery as ever voice "shoe shoe uh oh" as she chucks just one of them over the side of her carseat. Upon arrival to our destination as soon as you open her door she says "Hi" cracks up laughing, sticks her bare foot up in your face and says "uh oh, shoe shoe". Silly, silly girl, this game is getting old!

Animal sounds:

Mama: "Nora what does a cat say"?
Mama: What does a lion say?
Nora: "insert growling noise"
Mama: what does Daddy say?
"Nora" "insert same growling noise that a lion makes". I guess it is time for daddy to quit chasing Nora around the house while going ROOOOOAAAAAAAAARRRR =0)

Pumpkin Patch

Well yesterday we finally made it to the pumpkin patch! Seeing how we are newbies to the OP area we werent sure where to take little Miss N without heading back over to Lawrence to the Schaake patch. After much debating, we decided we would take her to Suburban Lawn and Gardens right up the street from our house. I have to admit that before we got there I was a little dissapointed in the choice, but Ryan told me if it totally stunk we could go to a "real" patch. It wasn't bad at all and for a kid Nora's age with a not up to par Mamma it was probably actually better than the "real deal". No vines to trip over, no mud to fall in, etc. Here are a few pics from our adventure:

P.S sorry the pictures are lame... I couldnt get the girl to look at the camera for NOTHING!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Things that go vroom....

Every day I am amazed at the number of things that Nora picked up on while Stacie watched her. I cant begin to list the things she learned while there but the things that are the most noticeable these days are that all things that roll go vroom (thanks Zachy and Ethan) and that everybodies hair needs to be "fixed". Coming from a Momma and Dadda who have hair that if a brush were used on it would turn it into an afro, she sure didnt learn how to brush
hair by watching us! She also didnt learn all about bracelets or make up either, but guess what? If you give her the opportunity, ANYTHING is turned into a bracelet and chap stick immediately g0es on the lips followed by a loud smacking of her lips together! I just LOVE my little girl more and more each day and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that she has such a good mixture of rough and tumble meets girly girl in her!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

They're here!!!!

Go to to see the sneak peak of Nora's pics taken last weekend! There are more to look at by going to clicking on clients, and typing in noramini. Hope you enjoy them! I am having a hard time choosing just ten!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

You know what I hate about pictures????

Waiting to get them back! I have become sooo spoiled with this digital age and having my friend, for a photographer that when I decide to take Nora somewhere else for a change I die waiting the 7-10 days to see the darn things. I know I am impatient. Sometimes really impatient. It hasn't been 7 days yet, let alone 10 and I have checked daily to see rather or not my surprise has arrived. Guess what? It has not, but it will soon enough and I will be sure to share them with you! I am thinking they might be REALLY cute! Afterall I did make statements that she was going to be the cutest little witch ever (even if she wont keep her hat on) =0) !

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Enjoying our new home....

Quite possibly the cutest spotter ever!

Can we get an ornerier look than this?

So much concentration going on here

Enjoying our new neighborhood on the trusty ol rocket

Studying those jayhawks... I swear we are not brainwashing our child =0)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Do you ever get that feeling...

that something might be too good to be true?!?! That is how I am feeling about Nora's new nanny. She is GREAT! Her name is Patty. We call her Miss Patty. She is wonderful. Miss Patty is an older lady. Old enough she could be my mom. We love her. Not only is she GREAT with Nora, but she keeps my house spotless. I asked her to do ONE thing and when I came home she had
1) Put away all of Nora's laundry
2) Vacuumed my entire first floor
3) Cleaned main floor windows
4) Folded the clothes in my dryer (lesson learned: if you dont want anybody to see your underwear, dont wash them during the week)
5) Bathed and redressed Nora (even though I had her dressed and ready for the day when she came)
I guess having a daughter who typically takes no less than a three hour nap pays off, but heck I had no idea it could be THIS good!
Now if she just sticks around we will be in HEAVEN!