Tuesday, August 16, 2011


To say I like making things for my girls just might be an understatement. I LOVE making things for my girls. I love to make dresses, applique shirts, sew blankets, etc. etc. But more than anything else, I LOVE when Halloween rolls around and I get to make their costumes! Every year I look forward to this time of year when I can start thinking about what I want, and then making it. This year Nora is OBSESSEED with flamingos. We had a "mingo" birthday party and no sooner was it over was she ready to tell me that she was going to be a "mingo" for Halloween as well. I'll be honest, at first I thought how in the heck am I going to make a "mingo" costume. Thankfully there is this handy dandy site that I am majorly addicted to called http://www.pinterest.com/ that had a picture that was super easy to copy. Wanna see the end result? Here it is:

I may be biased, but if I must say so, I think she is the cutest darned flamingo EVER =0)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dear Sweet Nora,

Dear Sweet Nora,
I cannot believe that you are now my three year old. Where the time has gone, I dont know. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was 8 months pregnant and we were celebrating your 2nd birthday. My how this last year has flown. You have grown and changed from a little baby into a true little girl. You went from being my only baby to my "big gurl" and while doing that you have made some major accomplishments.
This year you have:
-learned all of your capital letters
-how to write your first name (Mama tells you to write "an up-down- up (N) circle (O) up and over (R) and a circle with a tail (a). Whatever works right? =0)
-how to count to at least 20 (though I have heard you say numbers much higher than that)
-recognize all of your numbers up to 10
-recognize a lot of colors
-speak and say ANYTHING!
I love you my sweet little lady. I hope you had a great year, and that we can have many, many more happy years to come!
Your Mama

Sunday, August 7, 2011

How Can It Be That MY Little Girl is Turning THREE?!?!