Monday, October 24, 2011

Nora Miller

My "baby" girl is getting so big. Nora has been able to write her first name for quite some time, however, today it dawned on me that she knew most of the letters in her last name as well and that if I could teach her how to add a line to her "N" and write an E then she would have it. In typical Nora (show me how once and I can do it) fashion, she learned and did it several times. She went on to write her "real" name (Eleanor) as well as her middle name! Needless to say, she has one proud (because she can do this)  but sad (because how can she really be this big?) Mamma tonight =0) !

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Church Halloween Party

A few months back, and email came through stating they still needed volunteers for our Mother's Group Children's Party Committee. Me being who I am and loving to do things like this didn't even think twice about signing myself up. I just did it. It wasnt until our first board meeting in August that I realized that there really was no said "committee" instead, it was four women each responsible for one holiday party each throughout the year. The unfortunate part of the deal was that the people who had the smaller parties stayed on from the previous year, leaving the two biggies up from grabs. Since I was the last to sign up, I got the biggest party, and the first one of the year. Its a good thing I really enjoy Halloween because I have been living, eating, and breathing Halloween for quite some time now. Today was the party, and considering that going into it I had NO idea what the party even consisted of I think it turned out pretty successful. There were a TON of people there, too! Although I had a great time planning and doing this party, I have to admit I am breathing a sigh of relief that it is OVER.... at least until next year =0)

Louisburg Cider Mill/Pumpkin Patch

A few weeks back, we decided to load up and head down to Louisburg to the Cider Mill/Pumpkin Patch. Nora, the girls, my Mom and I all went last year and it was not nearly as much fun, so I have to be honest in saying my hopes werent very high for a succesful time this year. My hopes, however, were completely changed as soon as we got there. We ALL had a great time, and I cannot wait to make this a family tradition in years to come!!!

 We couldn't have picked a more beautiful day, or had anymore fun, but like everything else, all good things must come to an end... at least until next year!

Reese's First Birthday Party {Minnie Mouse}

I'm Normally not a real big fan on character themed things, however, at our house, Minnie and Mickey Mouse have stolen the show. Needless to say, when Nora suggested we have Reese have a Minnie Birthday party and I took the time to get some crafty ideas for the party, I knew there was no doubt going to indeed be a Minnie Mouse party at our house. And Minnie Mouse it was. From the Minnie/Mickey Mouse appliqued t-shirts and Minnie/Mickey Mouse ears as favors, to decorating all the cupcakes, I had a BLAST preparing for this party. I may be a bit biased, but I sure thought it turned out awfully cute! Here are the pics:
party favor boxes filled with pink, black and white M&M's (for the adults)

 Reese's smash cake:
The guest's cupcakes:

 The birthday girl playing with her favorite thing: Little People
 Kiddos having a good time (and wearing their awesome party favors) =0)

And the Birthday Girl herself... No time for messing around, the girl DUG IN!
 Hmm, maybe we won't have so much black icing at the next birthday party =0)

All in all, this was such a great day. We were so blessed to spend it with so many family members and even more blessed to have this little lady in our lives giving us a reason to celebrate! 

Brithday Party Pink Flamingo Style....

Every since we went to the San Diego Zoo Nora has been obsessed with flamingos. She no longer made it back to Kansas before she informed me that she was going to be one for Halloween and that her birthday party was going to be a flamingo one. Needless to say, I thought it was pretty cute and was able to grant her both her wishes =0) I guess every now and then it comes in handy to have a crafty Mamma =0) I never did post the details from her party, or her party for that matter so I am doing some catching up now... Im not very good with words though, so I will let the pics do the talking!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In Love

I am in love. In love with my little girls. But lately, I have really been in love with this little girl:
This little girl is getting SO big. This little girl is at an age that I am absolutely in LOVE with. This little girl is at an age where I can now easily see why I ended up getting pregnant with another little lady when her big sister was her age! She is SO MUCH fun. She is sassy. She is adventurous. She is obedient. She does NOT talk back. In fact she says a total of three things: Mama, Dadda, and ugh (In her language, "ugh can stand for many things). And those curls? Oh yes I am in love with those, too. Yeah, I am in love. In love with every.little.thing. about this little girl!
Oh and for the record, I kinda love her big sister, too! Especially when the two of them love each other this much:
Being a Mama is the best thing EVER!!