Monday, November 23, 2009

Doll House

Yesterday, Nora's Great Aunt Cindy gave her an AWESOME doll house. Nora LOVES it. She has spent the evening playing with the "bobbys" and trying to sit on the chairs!!!

Just Another Day in the Park...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's a beautiful day outside. Where is your child?!?

Mine is on our deck!

Sometimes I feel like it is a gigantic playpen. The deck is completely enclosed, right off the main area of our home and Noras LOVES to play out there. She drags whatever toys she chooses to play with out there, but mostly she plays in her Cozy Coupe. The deck is a great way for me to get things done and heck, when it comes time to cleaning the floors since she is on the deck she is not in the way! The only problem we have is when it is COLD or wet outside and she just doesnt understand the concept of the heater being on (she demands the sliding door remain fully open) or the fact that it just might be a little too cold for her little self!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Conversations with the Little Lady!!!

Today I was changing Nora's poopy diaper when this conversation came about:
Me: "Pweeeweee this is stinky"!
Nora: (clear as day and as sincere as can be) "Sorry"! Followed by the biggest grin ever and some giggles!
I guess we can now add sorry to the words that she says! Just more proof of how sweet this little thing can be =0) !

And because there have been way too many posts without pics lately... Here is one of the little lady all bundled up and ready to work with Mamma:

Friday, November 13, 2009

Milestone: The Things Miss N Says!

Little Miss N is now speaking sentences. Okay only one. But nonetheless a sentence. Yet more proof that my little baby is turning into a little lady!! You wanna know what her sentence is?!? "There she is". You think we play peek a boo much around here?!? Nah, never!!!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Circle Time

Circle time is not for Nora. She HATES it. Nora hates to be contained, controlled, held back or restrained from her independence PERIOD. But what does a Mamma do? She LOVES her playgroup, hates the circle time. The past two times we have left mid circle time due to full fledged fits. As soon as we are out of the room silence happens. I feel like a failure. Nora feels like a winner. Afterall her Mamma just gave her exactly what she wanted. NO CIRCLE TIME! But what is a Mamma to do? I can't just sit there and let my child scream bloody murder while all the other children are acting appropriately (the poor things cant hear the leader due to Nora's protests) but at the same time I feel like Nora NEEDS to learn that not all activities involve running amuck OR being TOTALLY INDEPENDENT. Ugh!!! Any suggestions?!?! We could sure use 'em!!! Afterall its gonna get cold outside and the girl won't be able to do this:

Or this:

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Months that is.

That is how old my little lady turned today. I cannot believe it. Quite honestly it makes me quite sad. I don't have a baby anymore. I have a little lady. Here are some things she is doing these days:

- telling us what a lion says, what a kitty cat says and what a dog says.

-blowing kisses

- letting us know when she has went poop by bringing us a new diaper (its only happened twice, but I was shocked both times nonetheless)

-has pretty much an entire mouth full of teeth.

-talks constantly about her "two shoes" and quite honestly might just have an obsession with them in general.

-Says: dog, go, hi, bye, teeth, ball, whats this, dada, mamma (and several other words that I cant think of right now..,. the girls got a vocab) =0)

-crawls both up and down the stairs and in and out of the bath tub.

-dances (it quite possibly might be the cutest thing ever)

-immitates EVERYTHING we do, including getting into the shower and pretending to wash her hair.

-says her alphabet to the letter g

-counts to four... after you say one (maybe someday she will learn to say one) =0) !

-Spells her name (if you say N)

-Sings "Row, Row, Row" which is her way of singing row row row your boat.

Little lady, please slow down... your Mamma doesnt want a big girl... yet =0)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Who needs a maid when you have a 1 year old?!?!

Along with many other things (shoes, toothbrush, hairbrush, my bra, her binky, etc), Nora has become OBSESSED with my cleaning supplies (broom, mop, etc). Although I thought getting her her own cleaning set for Christmas would be a great idea I soon learned that if we were going to get ANY cleaning done around this house before then I would have to buy little miss thing her own supplies. After a short search online I found ones that somewhat resembled my own. The cleaning supplies arrived today and immediately we were back in business!

Thank goodness, cause the fits for Mamma's broom were getting old!

The best little witch ever!

Halloween was so much fun this year. Nora was a hoot! We had a busy day with a lot of visiting to do, but the little lady was quite the trooper.

We visited Great Grandma

And Grandma Miller.
Played in Great Grandma's leaves

Went Trick or Treating with Daddy

and even posed for a picture!!!