Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh What Fun...

it is to be pregnant. Honestly, besides the pure exhaustion and constant nauseous feeling EVERY day until 4pm, I am loving this pregnancy. It is the first pregnancy where my already living children are aware a baby exists in my stomach. Ironically enough, Nora called the pregnancy before I knew I was pregnant. I looked at her like she was crazy, but her saying this did put a bug in my ear! Seeing the girls so excited about being big sisters makes it all worthwhile. Everyday, multiple times a day, Reese says, "I kiss the baby" and then proceeds to kiss my stomach. Nora has taken on the roll of helping out more around the house. She has always been a mother-hen, but now, if Reese is being ornery, or needs help with something, Nora tells her, I will help you Reese, Mama has a baby in her stomach. I am SOOO excited to see what this baby is, and how he/she fits into this family.  Afterall, he/she is joining a family with some pretty special sisters!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Back on the Bandwagon...Or NOT

Well a few weeks back I posted that I was back on the weight loss bandwagon. Well, maybe I should have taken a pregnancy test before doing that, because, when sudden weight gain in the amounts I was gaining starts to occur, the thought that one could be pregnant should cross ones mind, right? Hmm. Maybe. But it didn't cross mine and for that reason, I thought weight needed to be lost. Add three weeks, and an increase in weight despite a cut in calories and there you have it. A need for a pregnancy test. Much to my surprise (despite us doing very little to prevent pregnancy) it was POSITIVE.... Ready or not, here comes Baby Miller number 3. Now we wait until May 2nd to find out when this baby is making its appearance, because honestly, this Mama has NO idea...but what I do know is that this Mama looks way more than just one month along!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Back on the Bandwagon

Well its official. I am back on the bandwagon. The bandwagon of losing weight once again =0( For whatever reason I thought that it would magically stay away despite my horrible eating and lack of gym going efforts. So, 6 months of this bad behavior and nearly 20 pounds gained, here I stand an official Weight Watchers member yet again. My goal this time is obviously to lose the 20 lbs I have gained and if more than that comes off that too would be great. Why does life have to be so difficult? Why can't one just eat like poo and magically stay fit? I guess for some this is a reality but for this gal, it is not, so here I go again. Wish me luck... or another pregnancy =0)