Friday, September 20, 2013

A Change in the Bloggy Blog...

Well folks, lets face it, I haven't been posting much on this bloggy blog lately. And you know why? Because my life seems to be all BUT blog worthy. It is crazy busy. I feel like I can't tell my head from my ass and I literally can no longer see my feet when looking down. I am pooped. My kids are out of control and I have felt like the decisions I made regarding this school year were all but the right ones. I feel like no matter how hard I try to catch up and keep up just when I think I have nabbed everything in the butt, something else goes wrong... like getting rid of fruit flies only to wake up to ants the next day, or coming home from Wal-Mart from buying bug killer to find a shut off notice from the water company... Guess I forgot to pay that bill, huh? Oh life... anywho, I have decided that rather than hide the real life going on here at the Miller's I am going to own it, because lets face it, I may not have my camera with me often ever anymore, I do have a lot of life happening and despite it being all BUT picture perfect, someday I will look back and wish that I could remember all of life's happenings rather they are crazy or not!! So here is to owning life, perfect or not and accepting that doing the best I can do in the present moment is the best I can do... even if I only get half of what I hoped to accomplish in a days time done!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life in the Fast Lane....

Surely has made me lose my mind. No seriously. I could have never imagined life to be so crazy busy and fast moving. Everyday I sit down and wonder where in the heck life is going. Often, I wonder where time has gone. I mean, really, often, some days, I forget that I am a mother. It still doesn't seem possible that I can be old enough for this responsibility and then I am literally kicked in the ribs from the inside reminding me that not only am I a mom, but I am almost a mom to THREE girls. WOW! How can this be? How can I have a five-year-old? Wasn't it just yesterday that she was born? Now she is going to be the big sister to two little girls. Wow.
I often think we need to slow down and cherish the moments we call life, but then I realize that no matter how hard I try to slow down, life keeps on going by FAST! I used to think that being less involved in things would make life slower, but I have found that not to be true. It seems that no matter how hard I try, life goes by fast and just seems to keep on going by faster and faster. Who knew that days could go by so quickly simply by taking care of children? Not me. But I have since learned, life indeed is lived in the fast lane, and I am indeed slowly losing my mind!
For the record here is the happenings around the Miller's:
Nora is in Pre-K (after a brief freak out and indecisiveness of what to do with her, we decided against sending her to Kindergarten)
Reese is attending school at The Britain Center. She still struggles with speech issues, so is still receiving speech services to aide her in overcoming her apraxia diagnosis.
Monday: Nora to school 9 to 3:15
Reese and Mama stay home. Bridget comes over to play while her Mama works. In the evening both girls have swim lessons
Tuesday: Reese and Nora both have school. Nora gets dropped off at 8:30 and Reese at 9. Reese is picked up at 1130 and Nora at 315. Two nights a month the girls and I head to a Moms group in the evening and get home at 830.
Wednesday: Nora has school 9 to 315 and Reese has dance at 1015. Nora has soccer practice at 5pm
Thursday: Both Reese and Nora have school. Reese starts at 830 and Nora at 9. Reese gets out at 1130 and Nora at 315.
Friday: NOBODY has school... BUT Nora has dance at 915. After that we are home for the day. Nora has a playdate with her bestie, Nora B. and Mama does something fun she enjoys... sews, plans parties, catches up with friends, etc. Rule for the afternoon is everybody has fun, no work is done!
Saturday: Soccer game
Sunday: Church