Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Good Enough?

I often wonder if I am good enough. A good enough friend, a good enough wife, but most of all a good enough Mom. Often, I think I suck at all of them, but keep on keeping on because really, do I have any other choice? Life goes on no matter how well I am living it. Knowing now that my time with just my two girls is limited, I am trying my best to make this summer the best summer possible. To focus on the time I get to spend with my girls before focusing on anything else. To enjoy the freedoms we have before we have a little one join our brood. To relish in the fact that summers only happen so often, and summers are meant to be fun.  To take life at our own speed, which these days, with a tired, pregnant self, may be a little bit slower and a little bit lazier.With all these things, I am having to sacrifice some things that I normally find important, like keeping up with the laundry, keeping our house as clean as I would like it, and well, quite honestly just about anything that doesn't absolutely HAVE to be done. I keep on wondering why so little is being accomplished and then I remember I have reason to be tired. I have reason to want to spend time with my girls, I have reason to not want to spend the days cleaning the house, or the evenings making big dinners. I am pregnant and soon, very soon, our lives are going to change. So until then, I am going to use what energy I do have spending it with my girls, doing what my girls want to do with the people my girls want to do it with and not worry about what I might be sucking at as a result of focusing on the two most important people in my life, my girls!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Talking to God

Lately, Nora has been "talking to God" a lot. I mean a lot. I will hear her in the backseat of the car talking very quietly and then suddenly she will tell me, "I was talking to God and I told him or asked him _______" This morning, she told me, "Mom, I know how the baby got in your tummy" I said, "oh yeah" (as I held my breath for the answer I was about to hear) and she said, "yeah, I talked to God and asked him to put a baby in there". Let me tell you, I was relieved with this answer! This evening, she told me, "hey Mom, I just got done talking to God, and guess what? I asked him if I was having a baby brother or sister. He told me a brother".
Guess we now know who to blame for the baby in my tummy. Maybe this girl should stop all of her "talking to God"... or maybe not =0)