Monday, June 29, 2009

okay so im tired and should have just went to bed...

but instead I tried to get a post up really quick. Result= random last paragraph that I meant to delete but didnt and now cannot figure out how to... so ignore the last paragraph from the previous post and know that the lesson I learned from this is there is a preview button for a reason =0)! Good night y'all... sleep tight!

Our girl is ON THE GO!!!!

Here are a few pics of little Miss N doing the things she loves the most when spending time at home...

Hey Dad, I found the hole in the bar... you think maybe you could fix it sometime soon?!? Maybe before we move to our new home? Mom sure would appreciate not having to get me out of it all the time! Afterall you have said several times that it wouldnt take long to fix. Until then thanks for allowing me to have a nice clubhouse =0)

Hmm this would be a lot easier to get out of if my mom would not block the hole with the bar stools... geesh Mom dont you know I can make my way through ANYTHING?!?!

Ahh at last I made it in here... Now what am I going to do? I guess I will just turn around and climb back out.

I LOVE my Radio Flyer Rocket and since my friend Aiden is not always around to push me Idecided this weekend that I better learn h0w to push myself. It didnt take long at all. Im pretty good at it. I can even go backwards and forwards. Im sure my Daddy is sooo happy when I crash into the TV. Good thing he REALLY loves me!

Last but not least, here I am being cute as ever. I think this is the face that keeps me out of trouble even when I am waayyyy to ornery. Afterall who can resist my smiles?!? My Mamma sure can't!

This weekend was the first time in I dont know how long that we have actually been home the entire weekend and NOT had a single obligation that we had to attend. It felt sooo good waking up each day knowing that the only things that had to be accomplished were the chores around the house and that because we had nowhere that we had to go it was highly likely that they would ALL get accomplished. For the most part they did. However there are still a few things left that need to be completed, and Little Miss N is always quick to find them... for instance she is into letting us know daily that the back of our bar is still missing:


Saturday, June 27, 2009

More summer fun...

Yesterday I finished work early and since it had cooled off a bit and wasnt quite 100 degrees I decided a trip to the pool was in store. I had been promising Zach and Ethan that I would take them soon and Friday seemed like the perfect day. Nora is quite the little fish and LOVES her cousins, so naturally she had a great time. I think the boys had a good time too, that is until it was time to take pictures.. E wasnt too fond of me "wasting his time" and therefore would not look at the camera... oh well. I tried!

Sometimes nap time just cant come quick enough...

and you fall asleep in your high chair!!!

Today I had fed Nora her lunch and left her downstairs while I was upstairs folding her diapers. Next thing I knew Ryan was standing next to me telling me he needed my help with Nora. When I asked him why he informed me that she had fallen asleep in her high chair and he thought I could do a better job of getting her out without disturbing her than he could. The picture above is what I came down to. Maybe this will teach miss thing not to fight her naps! I doubt it!

Friday, June 26, 2009

One Two Three... Shes COUNTING (and saying hi)!!!

Day after day Nora is doing things that remind me that she is turning into my little girl instead of my baby. Nora spent the day with Grandma and Grandpa Miller Wednesday and when I picked her up Grandma told me she was counting. I thought Grandma was crazy considering as far as I knew nobody had been working with her on counting, but sure enough she is...I dont have video of it yet, but basically if you say one, she says two, three, four, five (two and three are VERY clear, four and five could use some work). Nora is also saying Hi. Time sure does fly. I often catch myself wondering where did this little baby go?!?

Monday, June 22, 2009

SO Big and Yays!!!

We took the plunge and made a trip back to Chanute. Although I would like to say that we do this often, the truth is we only do it about twice a year. Why? Because it saddens me to see how much has changed, how run down things have become, and how little opportunity there is for the folks who remain in this town. This trip was particularly sad because it is the first time I have been home since my old high school was torn down, my grade school has become a church and the Sonic that I spent many nights getting drinks from is no longer where it was. It was also my class reunion (yep, 10 years already) and it amazed me how even though ten years have passed, my classmates and I have all grown up and went on to do our own things, that when we walk into a room ten years later we still flock to our comfort zones and refuse to talk to others. Why is this? I do not know... but it is the truth. Sad, I know. On a happier note, Nora got to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa Bercaw and they LOVED it... This trip was the first time that I had been home since Nora actually plays with toys so seeing her play with my old toys was kinda fun. I realized that she loves dolls and it might be time buy her one of her own and that she has definetely been spending time with her boy cousins because everything that moves goes brrrrrrmmmm =0)

On another note, Nora has been becoming more and more of a show off with her tricks... she now claps her hands (though I think she thinks it is called doing yays, and shows us how big or how cute she is)
Nora playing with my old Little People Camper Set
Sooo Big (or sooo cute) Yay!!!! She finally learned to clap her own hands

Nora with Grandma Bercaw

Sunday, June 14, 2009

HOME SWEET HOME... and some other fun things!

Going to the lake (Lake of the Ozarks) with Ryan's family is always fun times, but sometimes coming home feels really good. Today was one of those days. As you can see below although this Mamma was wiped, Miss Nora still had plenty of energy when we got home to:

1) Drag out every.single. one. of Mamma's dishtowels (did I mention that I have quit folding them) and laugh hysterically while doing it...

2) Defeat the purpose of a baby gate in order to climb the stairs to her doggy's

3) Find alternative uses for toilet paper...

After finding her doing all of these things, I knew I was waayyy too wiped to keep up with her so I attempted to put her to bed at

Too bad her bedtime is not until 8:30. She tricked me into thinking she was going to fall for it for about 10 minutes and then I heard this...

Guess what time she went to bed? 8:31. No whining, no crying, laid right down, rolled over, stuck her little bum up in the air and went to sleep. Think she has a little bit of her Mamma in her? I think not!

Monday, June 8, 2009

10 months old!!!

Swinging at normal baby speed, and then........ swinging at our lil maniac's speed!

Yep, thats what I said! Nora is TEN MONTHS OLD. As her first birthday nears I get more and more sad. I cannot believe that my little girl has now offiicallly lived on this earth longer than she lived inside of me. Where has time gone? Im not quite sure, but I can honestly say for the most part the time we've had has been the best days of my life and I often wonder if it is possible to love another being as much as I love her!

With summer in full swing Nora and I have been trying to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Today after getting off of work, she and I headed downtown to spend some time swinging at South Park and walking on Mass. Nora LOVES to people and dog watch (not sure where she got that one from) and she LOVES to swing. The problem is that she likes to swing HIGH... sometimes I get funny looks from other parents who I can just tell are thinking we are living on the edge, but who are they to judge? Only Ryan and I know our little maniac the best, and maniac is exactly what she is.! Above are some pics from our trip to the park. Did I mention both she and I are LOVING the sun?!?!

Friday, June 5, 2009

So we flew the coop for awhile, but we're back now... for good. I promise!

St. Patty's Day parade!! Swimming. Nora is a little fish!

Playing in her crib... Nora and her Daddy in California (in April).
I think this picture is PRICELESS!

So the silly Miller's took a long vacation from blog land. What really happenned is my computer bit the bullet and decided it did not like the internet, so I was stuck using my work computer that also had issues and was slower than mollasses. No worries now because my husband decided the other day, to make my day and came home with a new laptop JUST FOR ME!! I must say that aside from the day my dishwasher finally got fixed (after being broken for THREE months) this had to be one of my happiest moments in the past week or so...

So what has been going on around here? Well what hasnt? Nora has went from being our little baby to our little girl! Seriously. At her 9 month check up she weighed 17 lbs (which I know is not much) but was 29.5 inches long! Did I mention that her head had grown 2 inches since her 6 month check-up also? I'm thinking she might've gotten that one from her Daddy.. not quite sure though =0) Every day we are amazed that she is nearly TEN MONTHS OLD and that we are already thinking about what to do for her BIRTHDAY! Ugh.. it makes me sad.

Nora is a busy busy girl... in fact we call her our little maniac. The girl has NO fear of ANYTHING. So far this summer has been spent doing lots of fun things. Nora really LOVES the water, so considering her Mamma is a sun loving, the hotter the better kinda girl I am quite happy about this... too bad she had to get the irish genes from her Daddy, so Im afraid she wont be sporting any tans like her Mamma gets any time (never) soon!