Thursday, October 17, 2013


Today is my birthday. It doesn't seem real. Every since my Mamma was diagnosed with a terminal illness, birthdays have a whole new meaning to me... It's like its an opportunity to thank God for allowing me one more year to spend on this earth, or to have the person celebrating their big day be on this earth. As a kid, I don't really remember my birthday's being all that special. We went about our day, and in the evening we would open presents and maybe, or maybe not, have cake. Sometimes I had a party, and sometimes I didn't. I don't regret this. I know my Mamma had her hands full, but it is something that when I had my own children I made the decision that celebrating their life was going to be a big deal, and so, around here, it is. This morning, I woke up, went and snatched my "beautiful mess" aka Reese out of her bed, snuggled her, and thought, man how did I ever get to the point in my life that I am 33. 33 seems so.... OLD... like I should be so mature, yet I still feel like I was just walking across Washburn's Campus yesterday... or uh, 8 years ago!! Time goes by so quickly, life happens, and things change so fast. I am sooo incredibly thankful for the life that I have. For the (almost) three girls that God has given me, for the loving, supportive, hard-working, ALWAYS providing husband I have been given (even if I sometimes want to kill him) and for the wonderful true friendships I have made. This 33-year-old girl couldn't ask for much more and for this I feel blesssed!


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