Friday, May 18, 2012

Schools Out For Summer...

This Miller household now contains a three year old who has succesfully completed her first year of "school". How can this be? Im not certain, but the realization hit me like a ton of bricks as I pulled away from dropping her off. I am sooo thankful that we are so blessed to have the opportunity for Nora to go to school where she does and that because of this her first taste of school has been an awesome experience.
Nora getting her diploma

Nora with her teachers, Mrs. Sherwood and Mrs. Meyer´╗┐

Out Of Gas

I don't know about you, but the Miller Girls, Mom included are some outdoor loving, the dirtier the better, have a blast outside playing kind of crowd. From the looks of this picture though, I might just need to remember to charge the batteries on the "Expalon" (as Nora calls it) more often! Either way, I think Reese was excited that for once, she actually got to drive the darn thing!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Day in the Life of the Miller's

To make an excuse to as why I havent blogged would be silly. I just flat out haven't bothered to do it. As usual, we have been busy. It seems the days just keep on flying by and the girls just keep on getting bigger =0(
Since our life is busy, but predictable, I decided I would recap a typical day at the Miller household. Here goes:
6:30 am: Reese is awake. She comes into our room, snuggles in bed as close as she can to her Mamma until Nora wakes up. Usually this is minutes following Reese waking. After Nora wakes, the two of them sit at the foot of our bed in their matching Elmo chairs and watch "their TV" while their Mama tries to steal a few more minutes of sleep.
7- 730 am: Both Ryan and I succumb to the fact that it is morning and roll out of bed. He gets ready, and I head downstairs with the girls to feed them breakfast. While they eat and talk amongst each other, I check emails, facebook, drink my Diet Coke and wish that I was a morning person.
8 am: I shower while the girls play with their toys and/or watch more of "their t.v" After I am showered, I get them ready.
9 am: We are out the door. Today, we took Reese to Grandma Miller's so that Nora could go to the dentist. This was followed by dropping our car off to get the tires rotated. While this was happening we loaded up in the "new stroller", walked to Burger King for some lunch/nasty germ-filled play area time and then walked back to get our car. After getting our car it was time to head home for rest time.
1pm: Reese down for a nap and Nora participates in a quiet activity or plays outside, either with her friends, or in the back yard. Whatever she does during this time, her Mama does not participate. During this time, I frantically do my "chores" for the day and if I am lucky, I get some "me" time.
3pm: Today, I throw dinner in the crockpot. Tonight is a busy evening. Other days, I think about what we are going to have for dinner, and thaw out what meat we might need
4pm: Reese is awake. Snacks and milk for everybody, followed by play time or a walk. The girls almost always end up outside during this time.
6pm: Nora has gymnastics. Reese goes along to watch. I visit with friends.
7pm: Gymnastics are over. We hurry home to eat dinner and get ready for bed. Daddy is usually finally home from work by the time we get here. After dinner, I clean up dishes while the girls play and Ryan relaxes.
8:30: The girls go to bed. First Reese, then Nora. Both girls are pretty easy to go to bed.... so long as one of them has their binky and the other has her princess light on, her door opened the entire way, the hallway light on, and herself only covered with her blanket and nothing else =0) I then come downstairs, pick up the mess from the day, and plop. Around 9:45 I head up to read a book. Shortly after, Ryan follows, we both watch the dvr'd news and I fall asleep before it is over. If I am lucky I get to sleep through the night, but more than likely before the night is over, I am either awoken to a three year old telling me is scared (aka I want to sleep on your floor), or to a screaming toddler who has lost their binky. More often than not, it is the three year old.
The next day, we do it all over again.... until the weekend, when it is all fun and games.