Sunday, June 14, 2009

HOME SWEET HOME... and some other fun things!

Going to the lake (Lake of the Ozarks) with Ryan's family is always fun times, but sometimes coming home feels really good. Today was one of those days. As you can see below although this Mamma was wiped, Miss Nora still had plenty of energy when we got home to:

1) Drag out every.single. one. of Mamma's dishtowels (did I mention that I have quit folding them) and laugh hysterically while doing it...

2) Defeat the purpose of a baby gate in order to climb the stairs to her doggy's

3) Find alternative uses for toilet paper...

After finding her doing all of these things, I knew I was waayyy too wiped to keep up with her so I attempted to put her to bed at

Too bad her bedtime is not until 8:30. She tricked me into thinking she was going to fall for it for about 10 minutes and then I heard this...

Guess what time she went to bed? 8:31. No whining, no crying, laid right down, rolled over, stuck her little bum up in the air and went to sleep. Think she has a little bit of her Mamma in her? I think not!


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