Friday, October 2, 2009

Do you ever get that feeling...

that something might be too good to be true?!?! That is how I am feeling about Nora's new nanny. She is GREAT! Her name is Patty. We call her Miss Patty. She is wonderful. Miss Patty is an older lady. Old enough she could be my mom. We love her. Not only is she GREAT with Nora, but she keeps my house spotless. I asked her to do ONE thing and when I came home she had
1) Put away all of Nora's laundry
2) Vacuumed my entire first floor
3) Cleaned main floor windows
4) Folded the clothes in my dryer (lesson learned: if you dont want anybody to see your underwear, dont wash them during the week)
5) Bathed and redressed Nora (even though I had her dressed and ready for the day when she came)
I guess having a daughter who typically takes no less than a three hour nap pays off, but heck I had no idea it could be THIS good!
Now if she just sticks around we will be in HEAVEN!


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