Sunday, October 25, 2009

Word on the street...

I was reading an old friend of mine's blog today as I typically do everyday and came across what I thought was a great idea. On her blog, she has decided to document the things her kiddo is saying as well as photos of her. Considering Little Miss N is CRACKING ME UP these days with the things she does/says I think I am going to steal her idea and join the fun. So here goes some of the daily ones we hear around here:

"shoe shoe" I guess this is N0ra's way of saying two shoes. Nora has a small obsession with her shoes that began with her pink chuck taylors. Although these are still by far her favorite shoes, I managed to buy her some See Kai Run mary jane styled saddle oxfords and she fell in love with them as well... every morning when it is time to get dressed I tell Nora lets go get dressed, open my bedroom door and she runs into her closet while yelling "shoe shoe". Once arriving she immediately grabs her pink converse and starts giggling with glee... I guess in her little mind if a girl has shoes to wear who needs clothes!
Another shoe related funny is that Nora LOVES to take her shoes off in the car. We no sooner get out of the driveway and they are off. All the while the stinker is back there saying in her ornery as ever voice "shoe shoe uh oh" as she chucks just one of them over the side of her carseat. Upon arrival to our destination as soon as you open her door she says "Hi" cracks up laughing, sticks her bare foot up in your face and says "uh oh, shoe shoe". Silly, silly girl, this game is getting old!

Animal sounds:

Mama: "Nora what does a cat say"?
Mama: What does a lion say?
Nora: "insert growling noise"
Mama: what does Daddy say?
"Nora" "insert same growling noise that a lion makes". I guess it is time for daddy to quit chasing Nora around the house while going ROOOOOAAAAAAAAARRRR =0)


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