Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh What Fun...

it is to be pregnant. Honestly, besides the pure exhaustion and constant nauseous feeling EVERY day until 4pm, I am loving this pregnancy. It is the first pregnancy where my already living children are aware a baby exists in my stomach. Ironically enough, Nora called the pregnancy before I knew I was pregnant. I looked at her like she was crazy, but her saying this did put a bug in my ear! Seeing the girls so excited about being big sisters makes it all worthwhile. Everyday, multiple times a day, Reese says, "I kiss the baby" and then proceeds to kiss my stomach. Nora has taken on the roll of helping out more around the house. She has always been a mother-hen, but now, if Reese is being ornery, or needs help with something, Nora tells her, I will help you Reese, Mama has a baby in her stomach. I am SOOO excited to see what this baby is, and how he/she fits into this family.  Afterall, he/she is joining a family with some pretty special sisters!!


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