Thursday, May 2, 2013

Talking to God

Lately, Nora has been "talking to God" a lot. I mean a lot. I will hear her in the backseat of the car talking very quietly and then suddenly she will tell me, "I was talking to God and I told him or asked him _______" This morning, she told me, "Mom, I know how the baby got in your tummy" I said, "oh yeah" (as I held my breath for the answer I was about to hear) and she said, "yeah, I talked to God and asked him to put a baby in there". Let me tell you, I was relieved with this answer! This evening, she told me, "hey Mom, I just got done talking to God, and guess what? I asked him if I was having a baby brother or sister. He told me a brother".
Guess we now know who to blame for the baby in my tummy. Maybe this girl should stop all of her "talking to God"... or maybe not =0)


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