Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Circle Time

Circle time is not for Nora. She HATES it. Nora hates to be contained, controlled, held back or restrained from her independence PERIOD. But what does a Mamma do? She LOVES her playgroup, hates the circle time. The past two times we have left mid circle time due to full fledged fits. As soon as we are out of the room silence happens. I feel like a failure. Nora feels like a winner. Afterall her Mamma just gave her exactly what she wanted. NO CIRCLE TIME! But what is a Mamma to do? I can't just sit there and let my child scream bloody murder while all the other children are acting appropriately (the poor things cant hear the leader due to Nora's protests) but at the same time I feel like Nora NEEDS to learn that not all activities involve running amuck OR being TOTALLY INDEPENDENT. Ugh!!! Any suggestions?!?! We could sure use 'em!!! Afterall its gonna get cold outside and the girl won't be able to do this:

Or this:


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