Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shit Happens, Part Two.

Life minus the binky has been rough. Screaming child in the car, screaming child at naptime, screaming child at music class, screaming child just about everywhere. Oh and then there is the part where the screaming child stops screaming while taking a nap, tricks her Mom into thinking she was napping only to be found fully dressed up as a princess all while having a tea party with her dear friend, Brown Bear. Fun times... It would be SOO much easier to just give her the darn thing back, but alas, it has to go sometime so I guess now it is... Needless to say with all this craziness going on and her sister doing such things as writing the entire alphabet all over her pant legs this Mama needed a B.R.E.A.K. Enter first time for me to try a yoga class. All was great for oh, the first five minutes of class, until you guessed it, shit happened. Literally. Reese pooped and so off to the childcare center I had to go to change said shitty diaper. No bigs usually, except the fact that I had left home without a diaper. Damn the luck. After pleading with the childcare center to "borrow" a diaper, I changed the diaper and ran back to class. Class was going well and some time had passed, and guess what? Shit happened. AGAIN. Immediate thought was, you have got to be kidding me. But nope, it was no dirty joke. It was real. So, once again, I pleaded for a diaper, changed her and I did not try going back to class. Instead, I chose the nice healthy way (or not) of relieving stress and we all stopped off at the snack bar for a nice, tasty smoothie and bags of chips. Hey, A Mamas gotta do what a Mamas gotta do. Afterall, it won't be long before shit happens again!


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