Monday, January 21, 2013

Bye Bye Binky Part Deux

Nothing like a big old slap of reality to get you to decide to take your kiddos prize posession away, but its true, that is what got me to decide Reese and her binky needed to part ways. You see, she is 28 months old. 10 months older than her sister was when we took it from her, and the oldest of the "babies" in our group of friends. This week, two of our friends with babies decided to "pull the plug" and it made me realize, what the hell, we should too. Not only this, but she is old enough, despite her speech disorder to clearly ask for the darn thing. Too old to have it, but too young and in love with the thing for me to have the heart to take it away. Sleep in my house is the number one priority and having her binky is paramont to her sleeping.  After already having taken it away and then given it back to her last April, I am shooting myself in the foot for giving it back to her then. It breaks my heart to take something so loved by my girl away when really having it is doing her no harm... Good thing Ryan lives in our house or she might still be sleeping in our bed, nursing from my boob and sucking on a binky at the age of twenty =0) I guess somebody has to be the "bad guy"!


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