Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Shit happens. Literally

Whew today was one of those days. Crazy busy on the morning schedule (Think three things before 1 pm) and crazy crap around the house to get finished. While the parents as teacher lady was here, both children decided they needed to poop. It happens. No big deal, right? Right. Unless child number two decides to take off her poop filled diaper and dump its contents on the bathroom floor while her older sister is on the toilet pooping. Lovely, just lovely. No bigs. We got it all cleaned up. New diaper on and on with our day. Thankfully we have a totally understanding way too nice Parent's as Teacher lady and this is not the first time poop has been dumped on my floor, smeared on my walls, etc. or I might just be HORRIFIED. No sooner did this fiasco become a thing of our past, when nature called for myself. Once again, I hear Nora saying Reese needs some help. Thinking nothing of it and not being able to do much about it at that point, I wasn't too worried. Until I came out and saw this:
Unfortunately this was NOT the first time. This time, I just took a picture to prove her craziness. 
If she and I make it to her 10th birthday, it will be a miracle. How she can pull these stunts AND never hurt herself is beyond me. Thankfully, she gets up on things but is plenty smart enough to know that getting down on her own is likely not a very smart move.

P.S I can't get blogger to let me upload pics from my computer right now... so while I know this post should have a pic, it doesnt. When I can figure out the technical problems I will add the proof. In the meantime check it out on my facebook account. Ornery and smiling all at the same time. Ugh. Good thing she is cute!


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