Saturday, January 19, 2013

An Itch..

Unfortunately the influenza bug has spread it's nasty self on my girls. It stinks that they have to have it, but I have to say, having it be them instead of me means all sorts of  "freetime" for me. No going anywhere means I am forced to come up with some fun stuff to do while we are at home. And while I have all intentions of doing fun things with them, really they are most happy laying on the couch watching movies or television, SO, since they are sick, I am gonna let them =0). And while they are doing that, well, I am going to indulge in the crafting itch I have been feeling lately. This morning I FINALLY made the subway wall art containing the girls birth stats  I have been wanting to make since, oh, when Reese was born. This afternoon I think I will bust out some Valentines shirts for the girls and if I get really ambitious I might just start on the scrapbook albums that havent been touched since Reese was born either. To do those things though, I guess I better get some clothes on. Im guessing the public might not appreciate seeing me in the same pajamas I have been wearing for two days =0)


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