Friday, January 18, 2013


I am disgusted. As I was doing my usual morning routine, getting breakfast, drinking my diet coke, checking emails, and just waking up, I learned that one of Nora's school "friends" Mom had had brain surgery in December. I was unaware, and feel horrible for not knowing until now, but more than anything, I am disgusted. Disgusted because she too had a tumor. What is going on with this world? WHY? Why is cancer EVERYWHERE? Everywhere people. I know or knew (because they have since passed away) so many people struggling with this nastiness it seriously makes me want to vomit.  Just in the past few years, off of the top of my head I can think of of these: my forty-year-old boss lost her battle, then my Mom was diagnosed and put through hell, then another 40-year-old friend was diagnosed and now THIS. Ugh. The lady is young. She has two beautiful girls under the age of four. She has a lot of life to live.... and now, she is going to have to live the remainder of her life with some pretty serious limitations because of this UGLY, NASTY, no good disease.  How sad. Please pray for her. Despite all of this nastiness and her impaired life, that is all she asked for. Maybe, just maybe we can all help. It's worth a try.


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