Thursday, January 17, 2013

Karma...It's a bitch!

So somewhere there are tons of sayings about getting what you give, karma is a bitch, etc. As a child, I was sick. Really sick. Like spent multiple times in the hospital, had multiple unnecessary body parts removed (think gallbladder, appendix, thyroid), missed tons of school, etc. All of this resulted in life as normal people would live it, not happening at the Bercaw's for years. Literally. Fast forward 20 years and guess what? I am living the life that my Mom lived, and can only imagine how she felt. My family has been sick for months. Literally. I have lost track of all that we have had and who has had what. I just know that it all started with barfing on Halloween night for Nora, followed by everybody else having the stomach flu, followed by strep for the girls, followed by the stomach flu AGAIN for all, followed by colds for the girls, followed by influenza for me, followed by influenza for BOTH the girls AT THE SAME TIME all while having a cold here and a cold there thrown into the mix. Ugh. I feel horrible that they have been so sick. I am at a loss as to what to do to keep the yuckies away. I want to build a big ol bubble and put them in it... OR never, ever leave my house again... I feel even worse having had all of these things right along with them that I know how bad they feel... I just feel plain awful and sad and depressed. I am DONE with being quarantined only to be finally freed long enough to catch something else and then be quarantined AGAIN. I am done with sick. I might just lose my marbles. I get it God, I get it. Karma IS a bitch! Dammit.


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