Monday, December 31, 2012

Good-Bye and Good Riddence 2012

Not to be a Negative Nancy, but I would be lying if I didn't say that I am more than happy to see 2012 find its way into the record books. Unfortunately for me, it seems as though those "records" are not things I wished to have happened in my life, but needless to say, they did. Since I have always been a believer of "all things happening for a reason", I can't help but think why these things must happen... Some of it, I think is because karma is a bitch, and others I think happened to strengthen relationships to a level they have not been before. Regardless, even though I would say that 2012 was one of the toughest, scariest times of my life, it was also one that got me to reflecting on my life, my values and what truly is important to me. Nothing like a big ol slap in the face to bring you back to reality... So with that, I am saying goodbye and good riddence 2012. I hope 2013 brings with it the opportunity for self-growth, deeper, more meaningful relationships in all aspects of my life, less chaos, craziness and overall unnecessary busyness and more quality, intentional time spent with the ones I love the most.... My family. Afterall, they are pretty darn fun people.


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