Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas 2012

For the Miller's, Christmas 2012 was quite the affair. So far, Christmas has yet to come, but, we have managed to celebrate three Christmas' thus far. Starting on Friday, we went to Grandma and Grandpa Miller's, Saturday morning we went to "Cousins Christmas" and immediately following that we went home to Chanute for a quick celebration. We are home and resting up for the celebrations to begin all over again tomorrow evening and concluding Tuesday night at the Millers extended family get-together. Whew, what fun we have had thus far. I am excited to see what is to come. Until then, here are few quick pics of the fun had:
Nora opening her globe. It's perfectly normal for a four year old to request a globe for Christmas, right =-0)
 Nora and Reese with Santa at Cousins Christmas. This is such a fun tradition. This year, we had breakfast with Santa and the girls loved it!
 This is my sweet, sweet baby niece, Leila. I had to give her up so that she could visit Santa, otherwise I could hold her!
 All the Cousins and their kids
 Our attempt at a family pic with Santa.
 Gingerbread house making at the Bercaw's. If only my Mom could maintain her body temperature, we might've had better luck. A house with 18 people, a thermostat set WAAAYYY TOO HIGH and frosting made it difficult for them to stay together. Regardless of the difficulites, we still had a good time!

 Nora and her cousin, Claira. My girls are so fortunate to have so many cousins so close in age. These girls are 9 months apart.
 A sad attempt at getting a picture of all TEN of my parent's grandkids. We tried =0)
Christmas in Chanute is always a fun time. Since all three of us girls moved away, having Christmas there means that all three of us AND our family's come home and spend the night in my parents home meant for five. Needless to say, there literally was no beds OR floor space left by the time everybody found a spot to sleep. Having this many people in a house this small also means that actually getting ready is impossible. No worries there though, it just means its jammie day for all. Some might think this is silly, but to me it is perfect. It just means more time to spend together as comfy as we can get =0)


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