Sunday, December 16, 2012

Grandma's are the BEST!

My girls are so lucky. They might have two of the best Grandma's any girl could ask for. Each Grandma has their own unique qualities making them stand-out from the other, but all in all they are awesome. My girls love them, and what can I say, I do too =0) This past week we have been fortunate enough to get to spend time with BOTH of them, and with the holidays quickly approaching we are going to get to see them even more =0)
Here is Nora with her finished gingerbread house she made at Grandma Miller's. Each year, Grandma has the kids over to make houses. They seem to enjoy the fun times and I LOVE seeing the finished product. Getting a picture of her these days is another story... I think she mightve been on a little sugar high here =0) A perk of building houses made of candy, I guess!
My girls and my Mama. She came to visit earlier this week and we went out to eat not once, but twice. After months of not being able to eat anything but specially prepared food, my Mom kinda likes visiting restaurants =0) This pic of her with my girls is SO her.


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