Monday, December 10, 2012

Alas, We are back... Sorta

Sorry for that brief blog hiatus.. My computer randomly decided to bite the bullet leaving me with nothing but an I-Pad for use on the internets and although I really love documenting our life happenings, I really do not love hunting and pecking keys all that much. So anywho, we missed a month of life... and although I now have Ryan's somewhat working old computer to fill the void, I'm not certain I have many pictures of our life the past few months because along with my computer biting the bullet so did my cell phone which held many of our daily life pics. Enough with technology. Maybe I will have better luck from here on out. I did get a case for my phone this time, so hopefully I wont end up with a cracked screen... or a phone soaked from a kid spilling their darn water bottle...
So what has been happening around the Miller's?
1) Reese continues to improve her speech daily. She is trying really hard to use words, and, for the most part when she uses them, although not everybody can understand her needs, I can.
2) My Mom had her 100 day post transplant appointment. Overall she is doing FANTASTIC. God definitely answered prayers for her. The doctor stated that she has 1 percent cancer cells in her body, which is the best we could expect. From here on out, she will come to KC for monthly appointments to monitor her health as well as to receive a shot to maintain her bone density (side effect of the myeloma). She will also take a daily chemo pill to keep the cancer cells as low as possible.
3) Because of the two things above, we had a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving. What was even better was that I got to spend it with ALL of my family AND also go to Ryan's family. I always love when we don't have to chose one over the other. Never a fun thing to have to do.
4) We have had a great time celebrating and preparing for the Christmas season. So far:
a) Ryan and Reese went and purchased us a new and improved Christmas tree. This was a much needed purchase since Reese found it humorous to pull ours down, breaking the stand last Christmas season. Decorating it was so much fun. The girls truly enjoyed it.
b) We started participating in ELF ON A SHELF. Our Elf's name is Elfie, or if you ask Nora today, it is Rainbow. Whatever her name, she has been a lot of fun. I would have to say, my favorite trick she has played was when she replaced our stockings with Nora and Ryan's underwear. Im sure our friend, Pat, loved seeing this when he dropped off Bridgey Boo for the day =0)
c) I volunteered as Co-Coordinator for Pictures with Santa at our church and Ryan brought the girls to get their pics taken. I may be biased, but they looked absolutely gorgeous. Even Santa said so, as they walked into the room. Little did he know they were mine =0)
d) We saw Santa AGAIN at MommyShop with great friends where we made Reindeer food which included powdered cocoa and glitter only to be eaten by Nora on the way home despite me telling her it was NON-EDIBLE. Guess you can bet who was getting thier car detailed the next day, huh?
e) We went to the Ultimate Christmas Tree display. This has become somewhat of a tradition for us, and since Reese is a Christmas light loving fool it was a lot of fun (despite the entire car smelling like poo because she had to go and I did not pack an extra diaper. Mom fail)!
f) We made REALLY REALLY cute handprint ornaments with our friends on a crazy Thursday morning. I only imagined they would turn out cute, but they turned out A-DORABLE. I hope to make/do more fun things before time runs out.
g) Nora and I went to the Nutcracker Tea with several of her school friends. The experience was quite the fun, but unfortunately it was a little too loud and possibly a little too girly for my not-so-girly-girl. She says she wants to go back next year though, so it must have not been a complete flop =0) 
I think that is about it... Hopefully I wont leave you all in the dark for so long next time, though with limited computer use until the hubby decides what to do to improve the situation, I am not making any promises =0)


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