Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Kind Heart

More than anything in life, my number one goal for my girls is for them to have a kind heart, care for others and always, always, always treat others the way they want to be treated, no matter what. This is a value I hold near and dear to me and strive to instill in them through my own actions. This morning, our dear friend, Bridget was over for the day and the girls were all eating breakfast together. The "kid" table in our kitchen only has two chairs. Normally this is fine because rarely do the girls eat their meals there. It is more there for play and for Nora to do her nine million and ninety nine art projects on.... Anywho, as I was busy getting three girls breakfast's ready, I turned around to find that Reese had pulled one of the big chairs from the kitchen table over to the "kid" table. She was sitting in it and she had given her friend, Bridget her chair. To some, this may be a small action but for a Mama of a two-year old who holds things like this near and dear to her heart, this was HUGE. I hope my girl stays as sweet and caring as she is right now. It sure makes this Mama proud!


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