Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Sweet Nora

I love this girl.
She truly is a dream child. Don't get me wrong, she, like all of us, has her moments, but, overall she is pretty awesome. There are not many places I go that people don't have good things to say about her. She is silly. She is smart. She is determined. She is driven to learn, but most of all she is sweet. She is such an old soul in a young girls body. Watching her interact with her friends is so much fun, but watching her care for her younger friends is even better. She truly LOVES them. She wants to care for them, cries when they don't come over and states that we are NOT allowed to have anymore "Miller babies" because then we wouldn't have room in the car for her "little friends". Sweet, sweet Nora I hope you always remain the caring, loving, "old soul" that you are today.


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