Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Saving Grace

As we all know, life brings people into our lives. Some of them end up being sour, others end up being our saving grace. So is the case with this lady, "Miss Maria".

Miss Maria came into our home last spring. Her arrival became necessary when Reese was not producing speech in a timely manner, or at all for that matter. She came via infant toddler services and although we had a rough start with sicknesses for both my family and hers, I can officially say now, that I feel like she might be one of my favorite people and if Reese could talk well enough, she would probably say the same. Miss Maria has worked wonders on my sweet Reese. In the beginning, we had little to no speech coming from Reese. We started therapy increasing the use of signs and heading down the path of thinking it may be years before actual words were produced. Quickly, Reese proved us wrong and began attempting words. Although they were few and far between and took lots of repitition to stick, slowly but surely she built up her vocabulary. Now, we are not only saying words, knowing what everything is, and talking about them, but saying two words combined unprompted and at times three words combined with help. There are few things in life that bring me such a feeling of relief as knowing my baby is making progress speaking and that we are indeed making steps ahead. Thanks, Miss Maria. We are SOOO grateful to have you!!


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