Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dirty Laundry

Sometimes life isnt all that great. Everywhere I turn everybody talks about how great their lives are, how wonderful their kids are and how clean their house is... Well guess what? It's not that way at the Miller household. Yes, I am thankful. Very very thankful. But guess what? I sacrifice a clean house, (sometimes)a clean self, folded clothes and decently prepared dinners on a daily basis for making sure that my kids have the best time possible each and everyday. And guess what else? Sometimes I lose my shit... I yell at my kids, I lose my patience, I say bad things about my friends and family and on really bad days I might just tell my husband I HATE him... of course the next day I wake up, pretend that nothing happened and profess my love to him =0) You see, we here at the Millers are a real family. We all make mistakes. We all get irritated, and we don't always get along.
I spend too much, Ryan does too little (despite the fact that I tend to forget he works no less than a 10 hr day at least 5 days a week) Nora talks too much, and well, Reese in addition to being two, has this thing called apraxia that makes everything just a little bit more difficult. Despite all of this we cohabitate, love each other and wouldn't trade our family for anything else in the world.
My point you may ask? Well, its that I am tired of seeing everybody's perfect life portrayed all over the various social media sources. I mean, come on? Is everyday really as peachy as you make it out to be, or do you too lose your shit sometimes?


Blogger The Sullivans said...

Um, love your post! I especially like the term "lose your shit" seeing as how on special days, I lose my shit on an hourly basis. Even at the dog...

October 19, 2012 at 3:22 PM  

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