Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What Makes Me Tick...

Lately I have been feeling very, very thankful. Thankful that in the 32 years of my life, that my life has become so darn good. As I look around, those who are near and dear to me are sufferring in ways that I have never thought would happen to them.
I have a friend, whose husband was hurt in war, a Mama who is enduring quite the ride with cancer, and another person who has settled in life for less than the best. All of these things make my heart hurt but at the same time make me realize just how precious the life I have been given is and how LUCKY I am to have it so good. My life is great! Looking back I am sooo thankful that in the times when my life could have gone the wrong direction, something told me to go another way. When I was ill, that I overcame the obstacles of it, gave myself a second chance and believed in myself. That when I was lost, feeling lonely and thinking I would never find the husband of my dreams, out of nowhere came my college roommate whom I NEVER thought I would marry!
Since then, life has only gotten better! This man has given me the world. He has endured my moodiness, dealt with my inadequecies, been there to help birth our two children, raised them to be beautiful, caring little girls and set an example of what a Daddy should be.... So, for my 32nd birthday, I really don't want anything except for the people in my life to be as thankful for all that they have been given. Afterall, this world is a pretty depressing place IF you let it be.. but each and every day there is hope, sunshine and somebody out there who cares!


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