Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weekend Round-Up

So a little late is better than never, right? This weekend was one we have been needing for A LONG TIME.. finally not ONE committment we had to tend to. Finally we had a weekend where we could kick back, relax and do as we pleased, and to top it all off, Grandma and Grandpa offered to have the kids for a night. We jumped on the opportunity with no real plans in mind and went with it. It ended up being just the weekend we needed. We browsed around the Plaza (in the rain.. we didn't care, we didnt have kids) =) ate lunch at PF Changs, went to the movies, stopped to get cheesecake, slept through the night uninterupted, skipped church, went out to eat breakfast without having to get two kiddos ready and hope that the line is short so they don't lose their shit due to being over-hungry, etc. It was FANTASTIC.... and totally reminded me of how our weekends went prior to life with two kids =0)


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