Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Sayings...

In our car we have three carseats. One for Nora, one for Reese and one for whatever random friend we might be toting along for the day =0) On the way to school this morning out of nowhere Nora said, "Mama, we can't have another baby". I said, "why not Nora"? She responded, "because then we wouldn't be able to watch Payton and Bridgey". I said, well Nora just because we have another baby doesnt mean we would have to stop having our friends over". Nora said, "yes, Mama it does. If we have another baby, then we won't have a seat for our friends in our car".
I guess the sudden conversation answered two things for me... Not much has changed on Nora's feelings of having another sibling (She has made it clear since Reese was born that she does not want another brother OR sister, Reese is enough) and that she indeed LOVES having her little friends over. So much so that having another sibling should NOT interfere with that!
I guess if we take the advice of the four-year-old in the house, we won't be adding to this Miller family anytime soon =0)


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