Thursday, October 11, 2012

Life Has a Funny Way...

of putting things into perspective. I have been struggling lately with life. Feeling inadequate, rushed and overwhelmed. Stressed about things that I know I should not stress about but can't seem to shake away... and then something happens. Something terrible. Something nobody ever wants to have happen to them in their lives or to anybody they love... A family who I love dearly and who has been my best friend for many, many years faces tragedy... the husband, the daddy, the son of this family gets wounded while at war. A reality I knew could happen with the duties of his job, but never thought would. Ignorance maybe? Maybe not. Either way the stresses of my life have been put into perspective and the continued thoughts of what I want for my family have been put in the limelight.
So with that I thought here is what I think I want my house to become... I want my home to be warm and comforting, I want it to be a place where all kids feel welcomed, loved and treated like they are my own. I want my kids to feel like this is their home as well as mine. I want the chaos of lots of children in my home. I want friends who enjoy spending time with my family, I want my kids to know that they truly do not have control over their own lives, that their life truly is a gift given to them from above and that at any moment life can change. I want them to know not to ever take anything for granted and to appreciate all that they have. I want them to be loving, caring, Christian kids. I want to hear please and thank-you and I love-you's so often I get sick of it...I want happiness, stability and a worry free home... I want open conversations and a sense that it is just fine to be the "you" YOU want to be... I want all of these things.... and I want to never quit thanking the lord for the Daddy my children have...because, afterall, he is a pretty awesome man!


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