Friday, April 15, 2011

If Only We All Could Have Such Caring Hearts...

-My little lady (Nora) has been touching my heart lately. The things she says are always so caring and genuine. The other day I was getting ready and I put on a dress. Not a fancy dress, just a plain black sundress. She saw me putting it on, came into my closet and told me "oh Mama, you look so pretty. You need your dancing shoes".
- Everyday first thing in the morning Nora asks me "who are we going to see today"? It's her way of figuring out what her day is going to look like. Today I told her "we are going to Grandma Bercaw's and we are going to see Stacie, Gracie, Ethan and Zachy" Her response? As sincere as could be with those big brown eyes staring at me: "what about Uncle Brian"? Heaven forbid I forget about Uncle Brian!
-Everytime somebody coughs, she asks "are you okay"? Every time somebody sneezes she says "bless you". Heaven forbid I forget to say bless you though, because if you do she will quickly be declaring "MAMA SAY BLESS YOU"! 
I sure hope this little lady's heart can remain so caring. In a world that is being filled daily with more hatred and harm to others I think it will be a tough challenge for her.

And because a post isnt a post without a pic. Here is Nora and her Daddy at the Royals game:


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