Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Facing the Beast: Soooo close....

This morning I stepped on the scales and guess how much I weighed? 150.4!! Im stoked, but bummed at the same time. Do you know how close I am to seeing the 140's again? Do you know how long it has been since I have seen this number? If I recall correctly, it was probably 5 years ago. I havent decided quite yet what my goal weight is, but last time I did weight watchers I think my lowest point was  around 135 pounds. I was a little younger then, and when I was talking to an old friend of mine about me back then their response was, "you were so skinny you could've blown away in the wind". Im not sure I want to blow away in the wind, so, I guess for now, I will just keep on trying to lose weight and when the weight stops being lost, then I will start maintaining that weight. Either way, after weighing somewhere around 210 pounds when Reese was born, I have to say I am pretty stoked that just 6 months later I have lost at least SIXTY pounds!!!


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