Thursday, March 24, 2011

Week 12: 2.4 pounds lost and another goal met!!

Woohoo... it is hard to believe that I have been on this adventure for twelve weeks. I can honestly say that it is finally becoming more of a way of life and less of a feeling of being restricted and on a diet. I no longer mind "watching what I eat". In fact, I feel somewhat out of control on days when I don't. I like knowing what is going in my body and thus feeding my baby. It feels good to me. It makes me feel like if I dont have anything else under control in my life, at least I have gotten a grip on taking a little bit of care of myself! Anywho. I lost 2.4 pounds. That brings me to a total weight of 154.4 lbs. I honestly do not remember when I weighed this last and with this weight loss the pants that I had been making work the week before were now falling off!!


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