Friday, March 25, 2011

Milestones: Reese Rolls Over!!!

Reese rolled over today!!! I have to admit I was becoming a bit nervous at the fact that she had yet to do this. Not to compare my children, but Nora had accomplished this feat when she 4 months old. I know every child is different, but a nearly two month difference had made me put this thought on my "ask the pediatrician" list for the next visit. Unfortunately I missed the actual event. I have to admit I was on my computer vegging out while she played on the floor. I had purposely put her on her back (she really prefers her stomach and always has) and next thing I knew, I looked down to find this:

 Needless to say, she was pretty proud of herself.
On another note, do you think she could look anymore like her Dad? Holy Cow!


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