Friday, March 25, 2011

Swimming Lessons

I have always thought that knowing how to really swim would be very benefiicial to my children. I also have thought that getting them interested in something physically challenging prior to them realizing that it was just that would also be good for their overall health. So, today we started swimming lessons. Finding lessons available for Nora that I did not have to get in the water with her (since I cant because I also have Reese and a husband who works ALL.THE.TIME) proved to be a bit challenging. After doing some research though, I found a place and it seems to be awesome. Unlike your typical swim lessons where you go for a couple of weeks everyday and then wait until the next year to do it again, these swim lessons are ongoing. She starts now and will progress until she is physically able to swim competively. I honestly think that she might be pretty good. To say she loves the water is a complete understatement and she really really picks up on learning new things very quickly. I sure hope she likes it, because I have to admit I was one pretty proud Mama when we were there.

P.S I know the pics are HORRIBLE. But its what I got =0(


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