Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Nora started swimming lessons tonight.

It is a Mommy and Me class and she LOVES it. At first she was a bit clingy but within minutes she was literally jumping off the side of the pool (she was supposed to be sitting on it) and going completely under. She also loved playing Ring Around the Rosey, and like her usual dare devil self had to step it up a notch and flat out let go of my hands when it was all fall down time. Needless to say, going under the water does not phase her. She did so well that the teacher informed me that Nora had completed the end goal of the class (to go under water on her own) and that when others were doing activiites that she was going to go ahead and "step it up a notch" for Nora. I have always wanted a little swimmer so I guess that is what I got =0) Keeping her from jumping off the dock (at the lake) and teaching her that the water is dangerous could be an adventure this summer!! She IS definitely my little dare devil!


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