Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tomorrow's the Day!!

I cannot believe it. Tomorrow we will find out what this little bean is. I am SOOOO excited I can hardly stand it. I honestly do not remember being this excited with Nora. Because she was my first child and we had nothing, I think that finding out meant no difference. Either way, we would have a lot to do to get ready and either way, it didnt matter what the baby was because we didn't have one of either sex yet. At this point, I honestly could care less what this baby is, but the anticipation of finding out is killing me.
I am the type of person that does not get excited for never done before experiences. When I have yet to experience something I always have the "it will be what it will be" attitude and never try to get my hopes up or make any assumptions how things will go. Unfortunately after I have had the experience and then get to do it over again I get REALLY excited. I think this mindset is what has led me to being SOOO excited about this baby. I know what it is like to find out what the baby is. I know what it is like to birth a child. I know how my body responds to becoming a Mama, feeding my baby for the first time, bringing it home, losing sleep, watching it grow and change into a little person, etc. etc.
What I don't know is what it is going to be like to be a Mama of TWO kiddos. I honestly cannot believe that I am already a Mama period. Let alone of two kiddos!! Where has time gone? How can I be THIS old? I'm not sure, but I AM sure excited to ride this ride regardless of rather or not this bean is a boy or girl!

Stay tuned. I will be sure to fill you in!! My appointment is tomorrow at 1:30!!!


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