Thursday, March 7, 2013


Everyday at the Miller's is an adventure. Especially if Reese is around. For every part, honest, sincere and by the rules that Nora is, Reese is the complete oposite. And to be quite honest, while having something a little more than ornery running around the house, does indeed keep me on my toes, most days, it is also all too funny. Take for example the text I received from Grandma while the girls were staying with her:
Grandma: (while taking the girls to gymnastics one day after Reese had gotten over the stomach flu) I open the owl backpack (diaper bag) and what do I find? The diapers and wipes have been replaced with stuffed animals! Should have looked before we left the house! Hope I don't need them before we get home.
Me: Proof Reese is feeling better. Jokes on you, Grandma!
Grandma: Always learning!
Or when yesterday, when I was busy making cookies for church and realized that it was a bit too quiet, I went to check on the girls and found this:
Shortly after this, apparently the swim attire over the princess dress while sitting on beach towels wasn't enough because Reese decided to add a little winter attire to the mix:

Goofy, goofy girl!


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