Tuesday, October 9, 2012

House Hunting

House hunting is hard work.. House hunting is even harder when you love the home you're in, but know it is not your forever home. Thus is the case for this Miller family. To me, this is home:
This place is not just a house, it is where we have made many, many memories. It is on a lovely street with the best people we could ask for right across the way. Crazy as it may sound, it reminds me so much of the house I grew up... granted it has quite a few more square feet =0) I think moving this time is so difficult because I know how hard the transiton was last time. I am very fearful that even though we will be moving to the same city, likely just a few miles away, (if that) it will not be our home on Briar.Moving seems to be even more difficult when a certain four-year-old lets you know over and over again that this is where she wants to live forever...  in her mind this IS her last home.. and to be quite honest, I get it... Why do we need anything more? Why must one live with the mentality that the grass is always greener...in a bigger home, a nicer car, a higher paying job, etc? Because afterall, I really do not believe money can buy happiness... especially when we already have all that we need and then some livng in our house on Briar Street!


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