Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Week in the Life of the Millers

Often I sit back and wonder where the time is going and how quickly it has gone.. and then I take a look at our lives and realize no wonder it is going fast... we are CRAZY busy! Here is a typical week at our house:
7-7:30 am: One child or another wakes up, thus waking me up. I cringe, roll over and get said child out of bed... Lately Ryan has been doing this instead, buying me a few more minutes under the covers and I LOVE him for it. I am NOT a morning person. Anything to snag a few more minutes in the bed makes me one HAPPY girl!
7:30: I run a bath, hop in and quickly bathe so that Ryan can shower at the same time. Why I do this when our house has two other showers still baffles me... we have perfectly adequate water pressure to support two showers going at once... I think it goes back to the fact that I grew up in a house with no shower... so bath it was then, and bath it is now.
8am: Head downstairs with the girls to eat breakfast. Girls eat, I check email/do computer stuff. Once they are finished eating, they get dressed, unless by chance they need to bathe and be somewhere early then we do breakfast first and then they shower after Daddy is out.. once again... not certain why we ALL use the same bathroom when there are three in the house, but we do.
8:45 am: Everybody to the car... Nora gets dropped off at school at 9 am and depending on the week, Reese and I either hit the gym or head to MOPS and hit the store on the way home.
12 pm: Lunch
1pm: Nap/Mom busts tail to get daily chores done
2:50 pm: Wake Reese from nap, head to pick Nora up from school
3:15 pm: Nora picked up from school and we head back to the gym for Nora's swimming lessons
5pm: Home to make dinner
7:30: Daddy is FINALLY home and we eat dinner followed by a quick bedtime routine and sleep for the girls
8:30: Girls go to bed. Mom plops on couch in front of computer for a bit and then finishes anything that needs done for the day. Dad heads to the basement to work. Maybe someday we will have it finished =0)
10ish at the earliest: I head upstairs to read or watch TV in bed.. sometimes Ryan is there, sometimes not. The goal is always for me to fall asleep first. Falling asleep after he does is a bit difficult. He is NOT a quiet sleeper =0)

Tuesday: Ah, our easy day!!! At least every other Tuesday... The other Tuesday we go to another Mom's group... thinking that mightve been a big mistake...too time consuming!
I sleep until the last possible minute. Get up, throw on clothes, maybe get the girls dressed, maybe not...
9am: Reese's speeech teacher arrives.
10am: Reese's speech teacher leave. I crank on the music and start cleaning away... kids destroy play with their toys and do their own thing. I look at my house at the end of the day and wonder if I really cleaned it... TOYS EVERYWHERE.
Dinner at 7:30
Kids Bed at 8:30
Same routine after kids go to bed.

Same morning routine as Monday
Nora to school at 9
Reese and Mom to gym until 11 am
11:15-11:45 Reese to Kindermusik
12 pm: Quick lunch followed immediately by nap
2:50: wake Reese up, head to pick Nora up from school
3:15pm: Nora home from school. Take it easy for a few hours and figure out dinner
6pm: Gymnastics
7:15pm: Home from gymnastics. Cook the fastest dinner possible and get the kids to bed ASAP
8:30-9pm: PLOP on couch EXHAUSTED. Wednesdays are BUSY!

Thursday: Quite possibly my favorite day of the week
Wake up early (around 7 am), throw on clothes and head downstairs... sometime between 730 and 8 am our friends arrive. I watch them until around 5 pm. In between these times, I wipe lots of butts, feed lots of faces,hold lots of little girls, try to keep the house looking somewhat presentable and if I have time in between all of this, we might even sing some songs, make some obstacle courses, put some puzzles together, draw some pictures, etc... No matter what we do, we have FUN! Nothing quite like a low-key day spent at home with some wonderful little girls. Even if there are FOUR of them =0) Talk to me when they are teenagers though and well, I might just have a different opinion on the subject =0)

Major housecleaning day number 2... gotta clean all those tubs and toilets we dont use =0)
9 am: Nora to school, Mom and Reese to the gym
11 am Mom and Reese home
12 pm: Lunch followed immediately by nap
2:50: wake Reese up, get Nora from school, come home and praise God that it is the WEEKEND...
oh wait, the weekend is the same as the week, except if we are lucky Daddy MIGHT be home!

Same ol same ol in the morning.. Somewhere around 12 Nora has soccer and the whole fam bam totes along... lately it seems everybody is having a birthday so we go to party as well... If we are lucky we are home at a decent time for Reese to nap.... and the rest of our day is totally unscheduled... we do whatever we decide to do at the last minute... afterall Dad is home, and who needs plans? Not him for sure!

Wake up early, get everybody ready for church...
9am: Drop Nora off for Sunday school and the rest of us head to church. We are home by 10:30 and the rest of the day is up in the air... at some point Reese naps....

Whew... what a week...We made it and now we get to do it all over again =0)


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