Thursday, April 21, 2011

Facing the Beast... Ive Lost Track of the Weeks

Well, I stepped on the scale last week and after a week of not following my diet, I was shocked to see that I had managed to lose 2 ounces. I really expected to gain. This week, I stepped on it again and much to my surprise staring right back at me was the number 148.4!!! I was stoked. I really havent been doing well being strict on my diet, however, with all the weight I have lost, my thyroid medication is too high, thus causing a boost in my weight loss. Today is my last day on the too high dose and then I start a lower dose. Im afraid that with this change I am going to have to be SUPER strict on my diet and I am totally not looking forward to this. I figure though, that if I can lose another ten pounds then I will be pretty close to my goal weight and then I can start maintaining my success. Wish me luck... afterall in a month we are heading out on a vacation to "Mickey's House" and I have a feeling dieting while spending a week eating nothing but restaurant food is going to be TOUGH!


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