Thursday, March 3, 2011

Facing the Beast Week 10: Whoops... Not an Ounce Lost

Well, I knew I was in for a challenge this week. It was a rough week and I fell off the wagon. As anybody who has an addiction to food knows, celebrations are reasons to eat. Well this past week was filled with many celebrations including both my best friend and husband's birthdays. To say I ate crappy would be an understatement. I ate like complete SHIT. Thankfully when I stepped on the scale, although I did not lose any weight, I also did not gain any. How that is possible amazes me. Oh well. I keep telling myself that today is a new week, a fresh start, and that I still have several pounds to lose. All the celebrations are pretty much a thing of the past now, so I have no excuse other than laziness for not sticking with my plan. Stay tuned. I'm hoping that next week I can get on here and say I found my motivation again and that I have lost a few more pounds!


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