Friday, February 11, 2011

Sticker Chart Oh How I Thought You Were the Answer...

Well our sticker chart was a success. Or so I thought. Today was day four and guess what? We failed. Not only did we fail, but the little lady looked straight at me and said "Mama, I dont need a sticker today. I'll get one tomorrow. I awake. I go to Grandma's later". Guess what? She didnt sleep. 45 minutes later when I let her out of her room, she looked right at me and said "no sticker today, no icecream tomorrow".  I couldnt believe it. In fact, I still can't. I'm not sure what Im going to do about this little lady and her determination to be in control. It amazes me and at the same time makes me ANGRY. I constantly question why an individual would want to fight sleep and then act like a bear because they are TIRED. As an adult I LOVE sleep and would honestly do just about anything to get as much of it as I can.
What I find really ironic about this whole situation is that as it was happening I was sitting on my computer reading a blog that I had never read before. Just when I was about to get really frustrated I came across this:
Parents, remember that now is your opportunity.
You may feel harrassed as you struggle
Through the days with children,
but you are living the happiest
and most golden years of your life.
As you tuck them inot their beds at night,
please be kind to them.
Let them hear a kind voice amid all the
angry, vile voices they WILL hear throughout their life.
Let there be an anchor to which these little ones
can turn when all else fails.
The Lord help you so to do.....

After reading this, I got up from the couch, wiped my anger away and walked up the stairs to greet my ornery, stubborn, determined, sweet two year old who hadn't taken a nap with a smile on my face and a rejuvenated feeling that although life was not going as planned there was no need to be upset. Afterall, maybe just maybe she is doing this so she can spend those precious moments with her Mama =0)


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